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Faith Roofing Company provides Roofing Services to St. Louis, Greater Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Manhattan with corporate offices in Topeka, Kansas. We are family owned and operated and offer roofing, siding, window, insulation and gutter installation and repair.

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Faith Roofing Commitment

We are committed to honesty in our communications, integrity in our action and customer satisfaction as our goal. Faith Roofing is a member of several accountability associations within the construction and business world, and we cherish the wonderful relationships we develop with our clients. Faith Roofing has bonding capacities to show financial and production strength and is licensed and insured above state requirements to deliver ultimate peace of mind to our clients. We are constantly improving our process and customer service so please contact us toll free or via e-mail with any questions or concerns regarding your project.